• Odex Cabinet Glass Wash 5L

Odex Cabinet Glass Wash 5L

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Powerful Detergent Action - Removes stubborn
soilings such as yeasts, sugars and proteins with no
manual effort; also lipstick and greasy finger marks are
quickly removed.

High Caustic Formulation - Cuts through grease.
Added Chelating Agent - Reduces scale formation to
keep your glass wash machine working efficiently.
Free Rinsing - Flushes out of system for consistent
cleaning results.

Excellent Results - Leaves a smear-free, sparkling
finish and increases beer head and carbonation

Compatible - Ideal for use in soft and hard water

Highly Concentrated - Can be diluted up to 1:300
with water for maximum economy-in-use.
Non-Tainting - Glasses will not be affected

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Odex Cabinet Glass Wash 5L

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