Holiday Park Cleaning

Holiday Park Cleaning

Clean Direct offer holiday park cleaning services including toilet / shower block cleaning, from daily cleaning to deep cleaning services, we have many years experience in accommodation cleaning and venue cleaning. We offer a very flexible service and have many happy customers.


First Impressions Matter: The cleanliness of a holiday accommodation sets the tone for the entire stay. From the moment guests step through the door, they should be greeted with a sense of freshness and order. Thoroughly cleaning and organizing the space, including common areas and bedrooms, creates an immediate positive impression for the guests.

Attention to Detail: We believe a meticulous approach to cleaning is essential. Every nook and cranny should be inspected and cleaned, from the top of ceiling fans to the corners of the rooms. Attention to detail extends to fixtures, appliances, and even decor items. A sparkling clean environment reflects the property owner’s commitment to providing a high-quality experience.

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Other Services include

  • Holiday Let Change Over Cleaning
  • Caravan Cleaning
  • Holiday Cottage Cleaning
  • End of Season Cleaning